pondělí 13. října 2014

The Arts

            Last week I went to Veletržní palác for the opening show of the 2014 laureates of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. The award is given annually to young contemporary Czech artists under the age of 35 .The main reason for going, was to see the work of an acquaintance that is among this year’s finalists. It was also great to see friends as well as the palace at night, there was something unusual about it.
The official opening took place downstairs in the main courtyard and then everyone went to the 5th floor to view the works themselves, but they first had to leave their wines downstairs.
A view from above

  The finalists were well chosen, each being given sufficient space on the last floor. The individual laureates work with different techniques which made the show quite lively and entertaining. As I walked through the installation I could not help wonder how wide the pool of young contemporary Czech artists is, since I alone have personally  known 3 finalists over the course of almost 20 years.

A work that reminded me of Czech cottage art

 The palace was packed with young people a pleasant thing in the national gallery and much of the crowd spilled in the adjoining Cafe Jedna which usually quite tranquil.
An installation of chairs

  As few weeks back, while walking through Holešovice a part of town that has become a much livelier place in the last few years, I stumbled upon a tiny gallery right next to the Trade- Fair palace specializing in contemporary Czech jewellery. What I saw in the two small rooms  of  Galerie Září was a very interesting selection of modern adornments. 
A brooch
Photograph courtesy of  Galerie Září

   The pieces on show are not precious metals and gems but use a wide array of materials, some commonly available while others are more unexpected. At the time I was there, the two young women running the gallery were putting the finishing touches to the display as they were having their big opening that evening.

Tiaras are back in fashion
Photograph courtesy of  Galerie Září

  I left this little space with impression that contemporary jewellery is a form of art in the same way as tattoos can be.
Along with the Chemistry gallery this part of Holešovice has a lot to offer if you are interested in art.

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